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I am really excited about what God is doing with this blog. It’s always encouraging when the Lord shows you what you are supposed to be doing and rewards you when you trust in Him. Mind you, this has not been an easy process, but He is so faithful and I am beyond excited to see what He is going to do!

With all that said, I am feeling led to spread this blog to as many screens and eyes as possible! If this is what God wants me to do, than I am going to go full force in spreading the news on having a godly marriage filled with hope. One way that I would like to do this is through YOU!

I’ve gotten the most views from those who have mentioned me in their blogs or asked me to guest post. I am so appreciative for this opportunity and would like to repay the love, so I am starting a new category of posts called “Thank you Thursday”.

It’s pretty simple, really. You mention me in your blog or on Twitter and let me know and I will post yours on mine! I hope this will increase followers for both of us as well as giving our followers some new, great material to choose from. Your blog does not have to be marriage related! As long as you mention Mystery32 and encourage your readers to check me out, I will be happy to repay the love (Unless I feel that your blog does not correspond with the message and values of


To start it out, I must give the very first thank you to my sister-in-law, Amanda. Yes, I know, a little convenient, but family comes first right? ;)

Amanda wrote a very sweet post about Mystery32 and the November Prayer Challenge, thus inspiring “Thank You Thursday”. She has a great Blog called The Delightful Hour where she talks about her life, her DIY projects, great insight from the Lord and everything in between! I know you will enjoy it, so check it out!

Spread the love and I will send it right back your way!



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