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Have you ever had a “God moment”?

It could look different for all of us, but essentially a “God moment” is when we can sit in His presence and clearly hear/feel/see Him in something around us. Generally, a God moment happens after a “God thing” occurs. I’m not sure if “God thing” is a common phrase to other Christians around the globe, but it is one I hear often around here with believers in North Dallas. A “God thing” is generally an occurrence that could only be of a higher power and has nothing to do with ourselves.

I’ve had many a “God moment” and many a “God thing” happen to me. Just this week I saw His hand at work in my life in personal ways, like caring for family members that are ill and for providing in amazing ways, and also in working through this blog. I can’t tell you how humbled I am looking at my stats from my post last week and seeing that He tripled my highest view count. That He allowed so much positive feedback, and that He (I’m trusting) is doing amazing work in the sex lives of many married couples through it. Watching Him work through and use this blog is nothing short of a “God thing” and sends me into complete awe, causing a “God moment” repeatedly in my life (usually week by week!). This is work that I can in no way take credit for and I am blessed beyond measure that He is using for His glory.

“God moments” are amazing things. Not because God “actually” did something for us.. NO! He is CONSTANTLY working in and through us and all around us too! No, “God moments” are great because they are times when WE actually notice and give Him the credit and glory! It’s easy to let life pass us by without acknowledging His creative work all around us. Unfortunately it’s much easier to find that mess of stuff from our fallen world and instead live in the “Where are you God?!” moments instead.

So have you had any “God moments”? If so, in what area of your life? Have you ever had them in your marriage?

“God moments” in marriage are sometime’s hard to find. Like I said before, it’s easier to find the “Where are you God?!” moments in life and marriage is no exception.Fights, frustrations, and hard times in our marriages can make those grateful times of basking in the Lord hard to come by. What’s worse is that they normally do not just happen. We must look for them. We must seek them with our whole hearts. Most often God is ready and waiting, excited to do a “God thing” for us and/or for us to find that “God moment” place, but we have to get there.

Jeremiah 29:13-14: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you,” declares
the LORD

Do not be confused. “God things” happen ALL the time. He is always at work and has already done some great things in your marriage, I can assure you… whether you have seen them or not. These moments sometimes take a little more work. But when you find them, they are amazing things. When a couple finds them, they are even more amazing. Even if just one of the two in a marriage can see a “God thing” in their marriage, and have a “God moment” in their life it can go a long way not only in that one’s own life, but in their marriage life as well. Watching for God’s handiwork in your marriage will reap blessings as you experience Him. It will not only draw you towards Him but towards one another in the process. If you are believers, I urge you this week to find Him in your marriage. To praise Him for the good things that He has done… through a great discussion that you had, through an unexpected financial blessing, or even through a day of no disagreements with one another. It could be something as important as seeing healing to something as “silly” as getting the kids out the door in time together in the morning. Use the terms “God thing” and “God moment” in your every day vocabulary with one another. It can be fun to point out to your husband or wife something awesome that God did for you or for them throughout the day.

If you are a believer, but your spouse is not, find ways to see the “God things” and to have those “God moments” none-the-less. Pray earnestly for your spouse and see God answer your prayers. There will be no greater “God moment” for you than when your husband or wife comes to know Him.

We are beyond blessed to have a caring, loving Savior who is constantly at work in our lives. Take moments to appreciate that work and to praise Him throughout each day and in each area of your life. And work with your spouse to see these moments together and to be bonded closer together as you seek Him.


Thank you, Jesus!


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