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Does that title even make sense? I’m not sure.


I am so excited to announce that Mystery32 now has a Facebook page! This is something I have thought about doing for awhile now but never felt “big enough” to do so. I always want to approach everything with a spirit of humility, especially when it comes to the blog and was worried people might see a Facebook page as a very UN-humble act. Matt always tells me that I over think things and care too much about what other people say…. oops!

So this past week I’ve started finding some of my favorite marriage bloggers on Facebook and seeing neat lists like this one from Marriage in Motion (great blog, check her out!) and thought “Hey, I love this… why not join in on the fun!” So here I am with a page now. :) I would love for you to “like” it and to join in on conversations about marriage, see when I have new posts, and get some extra marriage tips. I’ll also point you to some other marriage blogs I love so you can get even more reading on how to make your marriage great.

So here it is, enjoy! Just click the Facebook image below. I’ve also included links to my Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

I hope you will be blessed by each of these different social media outlets and will follow them all! I love to see the Lord taking Mystery32 to new places!


Love always,


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