Sex Talk and Week 2 of the November Prayer Challenge

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I found myself working on a grocery list today and absentmindedly watching some recorded shows from my DVR. As one of my shows ended and the next show on the channel came on, my attention was quickly averted from a cereal coupon to the talk of porn. Now mind you, this is at around 11 in the morning on day time television. A woman who was in no way a believer was actually speaking out against pornography and promoting healthy sexual lives based on reality and not staged creations.

My first reaction was an excited one. “Wow!” I thought. “Finally others are getting it too! It’s no longer just a ‘religious’ thing!” But then she kept talking. Apparently her way to combat the ideals and frustrations of porn was not to simply talk against it and warn others, but to give couples a chance to upload their own sex tapes to show what “ordinary” sex lives look like. Hm. As you can see, I’m not promoting this in any way and will not list the name of the show or movement that this woman has started. I believe it to be wrong on many accounts and it saddens me that this woman and apparently many others (as her site has millions of views) think that sharing their own special and personal intimacy will somehow save the world from porn. In my opinion, they are just adding to it.

I bring this up because in this week’s worth of challenges, you will be spending several days praying for your sex lives. It really started yesterday as you prayed for the attraction that your spouse would feel toward you and will go forward to pray for their sexual desire and your intimacy together. There are many ideas of what a sex life should be. You can read many books, seek out blogs, talk to others, and yes, even look at porn. Obviously I advise some of these and others not at all but I hope I can make this point very clear: Your sex life is the best. In fact, my sex life is the best. For me and my husband. Your sex life is best, for you and your husband or wife. You can seek godly counsel and find ways to make it more enjoyable and fun, but when it comes down to it, what you have is better than anything else out there, because it is with the person that God has given you. There’s no need to compare or to think that you are not doing enough. When you allow others into the bedroom by a screen or even by comparison in thought, you are taking away from the experience you can have with your spouse.

I encourage you to take these next few days of prayer seriously and anticipate the answers God will give you. He designed sex and wants you to experience a healthy andĀ fulfilled intimate time with your husband or wife. Don’t be shy, he is a great sex therapist. ;) And don’t forget those challenges! I pray that this week finds you in good sex with your partner as often as possible!

Here are your prayer sheets for this week.


Wives: “Prayers for my husband” (week 2)

Husbands: “Prayers for my wife” (week 2)

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  1. Ugochi

    Many thanks Erin for these truths, my sex life is the best for me and my husband and I will not let anyone into my bedroom. I was very blessed by this.
    Visiting from Matrimonial Monday, have a blessed day!

  2. Kelly

    The very act of her asking for others to post their ‘video’ negates her entire thought process. I’d be interested to know if she is making money off of her site. If so, she is no different than those porn video companies. Very sad that people would buy into this. You are so right on with this post. Thanks for linking up with Matrimonial Monday.