George the Wreath and Sex Comparisons

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Meet my wreath. I call him George. Those that know me are probably not surprised at this as I have a tendency to name inanimate objects. For those of you just finding out, please stay with me. I’m not completely crazy… yet.

This wreath was a Christmas project of mine last year. I saw the ornament wreaths in various stores and soon found tutorials for them on Pinterest. It took a nice little bit of money (ornaments are not cheap!) and a whole lot of patience (burns included) with my glue gun, but sure enough I finished it just the way I like it.

Next step? Hanging it on the door of course! I was afraid that someone might steal it or that the ever-changing weather conditions of Texas might destroy it, but sure enough it stood strong through the whole Christmas season and I received many compliments from guests. Needless to say, I was very proud of my George.

Enter post-Christmas. We were in our apartment at the time and space was limited, so I hung all my wreaths in the laundry room so they would be out of the way but not be destroyed. Plus it was fun to look at them all (I should also mention I have an issue when it comes to crafting wreaths… I’m a little obsessed). But then the fateful day came. I walked in to do a load of laundry and low and behold, more than half of my precious George was lying on the floor. Some parts of him in pieces, others covered in the glue that so desperately tried to keep them all together. Sigh. I assume it was the humidity of the dryer that caused this but cannot be certain but needless to say I was pretty sad. I decided to wait until next Christmas to fix George up as I didn’t have another spot for him and didn’t want it happening again. Pieces of him actually stayed on the floor for a month or more as they resembled my broken heart. Let me mention here that not only am I a little crazy, but tend to be dramatic as well.

Christmas 2012. It is upon us and with every Christmas season I am hyped up and ready to decorate! I love this time of year and love a Christmas-y house. Being in our new home makes it even more exciting! But there was the issue of George. It took me a bit to get to him, but sure enough I took out the remaining intact bulbs and a few new ones and tediously put him back together. Piece by piece. It’s not so easy putting something BACK together as it was when you originally did it. Many of the ornaments had glue on them still and had to be arranged a certain way. Others were missing that I needed for certain small holes. When I finished with George this time around I was a lot less pleased than I was last year, but was thankful to have him back together and excited to put him on the door.

This is the part of the story where you are probably hoping I will stop talking about the stupid wreath and get on with my point. And this is the part of the story where I wish I could relate it all to keep trying and putting pieces back together and everything will be fine. But no, I have one last paragraph in the story of my little George.

He died. Again. I put him on the door, excited and happy as ever, only to come back and find his entire bottom half all over my doorframe. Please… please don’t cry for George. He is in a better wreath place now and awaits yet another fixing so he can be placed in all his glory once more. Poor George.

Now if you don’t think I’m crazy yet after reading half a blog post on a wreath named George, get this. The process of fixing up George the wreath made me think of the process of sex. Are you ready for this? I’m taking you on your own personal journey through the mind of Erin…

Sex can be great. For some it works great from the start and is both exciting and fun as you can’t get enough of it as newly weds. It is a feature of your room that you think of fondly and can’t wait to “see” again. Maybe you don’t get compliments on it… if so I don’t even want to know… but you are proud of this sex life with your new spouse and love the beauty of it. But as the season passes and new things in life develop, you might realize one day that this once beautiful sex life is in shambles. Maybe it’s just not happening anymore, or it is just not quite the same as it used to be. You attempt to put this once precious thing back together again but it just never fits quite right. It may even fall to pieces again.

Sex can come with problems. Painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, lack of desire from one or both spouses, busyness interfering, times of abstinence due to health/medical issues, heartbreak from affairs, memories of past sexual partners, scars from sexual abuse… the list can go on and on. The media often portrays sex as this easy thing that everyone does all the time with no issues but in reality, sex takes work and can come with its share of pain.

I never like to leave you on a sad note like this, but I’m a fan of keeping posts short and the opposite is occurring primarily due to my over dramatic re-telling of George the wreath. So I will add a second part this week of things you can do to help the painful shambles your sex life may be in. I pray that your sex life is like a beautiful ornament wreath (or something to that extent… you get my point) but from my experience as both a counselor and a friend who many have come to, not excluding my own sexual journey with my husband, I know it’s not always easy. Pray through that this week and pray for me as I listen to the Lord for solutions, but know that there is hope.

I’m going to go work on George now…

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  1. Kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife

    Oh my goodness, yes. It takes a lot of work. I think young couple expect it to be perfect, and shame on Hollywood for making us think that. Then they get married and wow! Not exactly perfect, beautiful at times, but never perfect. Excellent point :)