A Note on Maternity Leave

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Hello all!

How are you enjoying the new site? I’m loving it and appreciate all the positive feedback! What a blessing to be married to a web designer, huh? God knew what He was doing. :)

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about my maternity leave that will be coming sometime in the next 2ish weeks. My due date for our son, Isaac, is March 24th. At this point I am full term and he is one large child, so I could really go into labor at any moment (no signs of it yet!). I’m really looking forward to this special time with my first child and am looking forward to taking a least one month to fully focus on him before getting back to blogging.

But do not fear! I will not leave you hanging. While you may be left without a post for a week if I go into labor over the weekend (when I generally schedule my post for the week), I have some great posts lined up for you while I am “out”! And all of them have a theme… kiddos! I have not written on children and their impact on your marriage before as I never had any and wanted to be able to write from experience. Lucky for me, I have some amazing marriage blogger friends that have come to my rescue and given me posts for my time away. They have each written about kids and marriage and I know you will love what they have to say. For my single and not-ready-for-kids-yet-readers, don’t worry! This will not be a constant theme for my blog now. Just for the month I am gone to celebrate the birth of our first baby boy. While I’m sure the talk of kiddos will make it into my writing a whole lot more, the focus of this blog is marriage and that will always be my primary focus. :)

We appreciate your prayers as we enter this very special time. For a gentle birth, a healthy boy, and a peaceful and joyful home. We can’t wait to meet him and will definitely post a picture of our little one as soon as we can! For now, here’s a peek at our maternity photos.

Baxter's Baby Bump 2 RESIZE Baxter's Baby Bump 15

Thank you for all of your support!

God bless,


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  1. J (Hot, Holy & Humorous)

    So thrilled for you both! One thing I wish people had told me more before I went into labor: In the end, it won’t if things don’t go exactly like you expected (or the book explained) as long as you bring home your child. Just take that however you wish.

    Looking forward to the guest posts as well! May God bless the arrival of your baby.