Pucker Up!

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Pucker up!

One of my favorite things to do on this site is to challenge. To challenge you, to challenge your spouse, and to challenge your marriage to be the best it can be. I am beginning to prepare my yearly month-long prayer challenge for November, but I thought I might give you a fun challenge to get your feet wet first.

Some of you may have no trouble with this challenge, others might struggle a little bit. Are you ready for it? You may want to read through squinted eyes…


Yup, that’s it: kiss.

To be more specific: kiss MORE.

Peck as you pass one another doing chores around the house. Give a long, lingering wet one before you leave for work. Make-out instead of watching your favorite TV show on the couch. And yes, don’t be afraid to turn that innocent kiss into something much much more. ;)

Remember how easy it used to be to kiss when you were just dating? A goodbye at night would turn into an hour long make-out session and then another thirty minutes of pecks and “I love you more’s” before you painfully parted for the 8 hours until you saw one another first thing the following morning. Don’t deny it, you know you did.

What happened to that? Why did it become so easy to go about our day without kissing until it’s bedtime or until we are leaving each other? And some of you may not even do that. From what I have heard from frustrated and hurting couples, the kisses may not have happened for days or even weeks. This breaks my heart. It’s easy for a marriage to become dated instead of staying in the dating mode. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and to forget just how much you love kissing your spouse.

Let’s change that.

This may be hard for some of you. You may not be much of a touchy person and kissing more regularly is just not your forte. Well what if I told you that kissing had more benefits for you than just improving your marriage (though, isn’t that reason enough??)? There have been various research studies confirming that kissing is good for you. I found this recent article from Readers Digest that gives just 5 of these benefits. Now, you have already experienced one of those benefits… finding your spouse! Apparently the nerves around your mouth are great at indicating your feelings and helping you decide whether you are compatible with someone or not. My guess is that you probably think that your husband or wife is a great kisser and that’s just one of the reasons you said “I do!” ;) In addition to that, kissing boosts your immunity, helps tighten your facial muscles, naturally relaxes you, and (listen up, ladies) helps you burn calories!!

All that and it helps your relationship too. It helps your spouse feel loved and wanted and will most likely give you that feeling in return. Kissing has the power to reconnect and to re-initiate and re-flame a spark that may have been put out long ago.

So here are the directions for this challenge:

  1. Pucker up.
  2. Plant one on your husband or wife more often than you do right now.
  3. Do it even more the following day.

I guarantee it will throw them for a loop and will be a pleasant surprise. Husbands, I urge you not to do this simply for the greater chance of sex. Kiss your wife in the way you know she wants to be kissed. A sweet kiss on the cheek will get me every time. Maybe your girl is similar? And wives, if you know that this could be a turn on for your husband, be prepared to satisfy him sexually. This shouldn’t be about being a tease, it should be about showing love.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be more loving, more passionate and more purposeful in our marriages.

So what are you waiting for? Go find your mate and smooch away!

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  1. Scott

    Great post! I just wrote a couple of kissing articles a few weeks ago. I’m a big believer that kissing is a critical ingredient to marital intimacy. It’s easy to forget, and so easy to not pay attention to this important part of physical intimacy.