Little things, BIG difference: Hand holding

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Hand holding. Can you remember when you did it with your spouse for the first time? Do you remember those butterflies that started moving inside your belly and the way your heart started racing a million miles a minute? Do you remember how special it made you feel to be hand in hand with someone you cared about?

I’m not a huge PDA type person. I like to cuddle with my man, but you won’t see me hanging all over him at any given moment. It’s hard for me to even kiss him in public because I feel awkward. But when it comes to hand holding? I love it. It’s a little way that I can be connected to my husband no matter where we are and what is going on. I can do so without being too distracted in church, I can hold his hand while we are driving in the car, and we can hold hands even if one of us has a kid in one arm.

Holding hands shows our spouse several things:

  1. That we like to touch them.
  2. That we want to be connected to them.
  3. That we want others to know how much we love them.

Hand holding can be done no matter what your day has looked like with your loved one. No eye contact is needed, so even if you can’t stand your man or lady, this could be a step in the right direction towards re-connecting with them, even after a fight.

Holding hands

Not only does hand holding make a difference in your marriage internally in how you feel about each other, but it also makes a big difference for others too. We’ve all seen the sweet old couple holding hands and walking down the street. And what is generally the reaction to this scene? “I want that one day.” We all hope to be walking hand in hand with our spouse one day far in the future and loving them exponentially more than we do now. We want that lifelong connection. That elderly couple, just by doing something so simple as holding hands, can make a big impact on others.

When I see a couple holding hands with rings on their fingers, here’s what I think (regardless of their age):

  1. Good for them.
  2. There is hope.
  3. I hope to be just like that with Matt in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50… years.

I honestly think that couples just being sweet to one another and showing little signs of affection like hand holding can go a long way in changing our society’s minds when it comes to failure in marriage.

Try it. Hand holding is one of the easiest ways to show affection, but you would be amazed at how long so many people have gone without doing it. One of my favorite sights in the world is an elderly couple with interlocking fingers and I plan on being just like them in my old age after living a life of many ups and downs with my husband. How sweet to still hold on to one another after so many years? I bet if you asked one of these elderly couples, they would tell you that is not something they just started doing. I’m sure they have been holding hands for many many years. Don’t wait to start that habit. Grab ahold of your spouse today! It’s these little, simple touches that make a big difference towards lasting marriages.

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  1. Debbie

    I visited from an email from Lori Byerly (The Generous Wife).
    My husband and I are well known for being the cute couple who hold hands! Although far from elderly yet, we’ve held hands in the car, in stores, walking down the street, and various other places for as long as I can remember.

    A manager in a store we both used to work at still calls us the Newlyweds whenever he sees us. I think it’s a great reputation to have!

    I would love to see a world where hand holding is the norm, and maybe people would wonder if a couple were not doing it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Thank you for this inspiring post.
    God bless!