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Mother’s Day Makes Me Cry

This morning my kids ran into the bathroom as I was getting ready and screamed “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!” They were each holding a mylar balloon and were carrying small gift bags filled with tissue paper. I read their cards, noticed how my 5 year old now draws pictures of me with a full body…

What I’ve learned in my first year as a mom

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I’ve written this post about 3 different times now. It’s been hard to really capture how much life has changed, to sum up what I’ve learned in just a few points, and to come across grace-filled and not like I’m trying to scare anyone or throw out a bunch of “should’s” and “should not’s”. So…

Lifting Up New and Future Marriages

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There is one thing I really began learning as an engaged woman that has built upon itself through our wedding, into the newlywed stage, every year past that (we are going on year 7 here), and has capped with becoming a mom. Married couples need encouragement, not warnings. Most warning-givers do not have ill intentions….

New Years Give Up

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Ah, New Years. A time to take all the junk off the treadmill you bought so eagerly last year and to dust off the running shoes that have been in your closet for just as long. A time to give up all the soda and sweets you so easily devoured over the last few weeks…